How Forever Green Installs Artificial Turf

We want to make sure every customer knows what is going on with their install, the following is a description of the artificial turf installation process.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

1. Artificial Turf Design
Once you decide to make Forever Green your artificial grass company, one of our design experts will help you design and plan your space, so you can have a clear picture of the outcome of your project.

Our consultant will be able to give you a more precise estimate. We will make as many changes as necessary to your design until you are completely satisfied.

2. Demolition
Before we begin the demolition process, we will locate any sprinklers, water, gas, and electrical utilities to prevent any issues when beginning the demolition.

We will then demolish your outdoor living space carefully without the heave equipment unless it is called for.

3. Excavation
The excavation will then take place and we will be excavating 2 1/2 to 4 1/2 inches from final grade.

4. Drainage
At this stage drains will be installed if necessary, in 95% of our installations, drains are not needed but some good grading.

5. Sub-base Compacting
A plate compactor will be used to compact the sub-base. This is one of the most important steps in the process.

6. Kill Weeds
We spray the area with a good amount of weed killer to make sure weeds won’t be growing in the future.

7. Base Preparation
A 2-3 of Class II Road Base will be spread all through the footprint of your artificial grass project. When the base is set, then we will hose the base, the compact will now be at 95%.

8. Barrier Fabric
When the base preparation is complete, it is strongly recommended to install a weed barrier fabric that will greater reduces the weeds.

*Please note that we don’t guarantee that weeds won’t grow. We do everything we can to prevent and destroy them. It is impossible to destroy all of the root systems. It is common to see weeds grow along the edges of your artificial grass.

9. Artificial Grass Preparation
Turf will be rolled out, and sit out on the sun. In this process we eliminate any bunches or wrinkles. Our goal is to have very little seams.

10. Trimming and Seaming
We lay out the artificial grass and trim all of the excess turf. This is the step we begin to seam the artificial grass. We lay out the rolls in the same direction.

There are many seaming techniques, once we complete the seams, we trim the edges of the turf.

11. Border Preparation
We secure the border and nail it with using a 4.-60d nails are 4-6 inches in length and are installed 1-2 feet of the artificial grass.

12. Infill Installation
We will get the turf ready for infill, by sweeping the turf in the other direction. This process will prop the blades up and it will allow the infill to penetrate though the grass. Installing the infill helps to weigh the turf down, and will assist with blade recovery, and it will soften the feel, depending on the infill you decide on.

Thats it ... You can now enjoy your beautiful Artificial Turf installed by Forever Green, your Artificial Turf and Putting Green Company!