Artificial Turf FAQ's

Here at Forever Green Artificial Turf and Putting Greens, we understand when looking for the right artificial grass it can get a bit confusing, this is why we have simplified the process. 

We have the most common Artificial Grass & Synthetic Turf on the market today.

Contact us if you have any further question. We are always here to help.

Welcome to the Forever Green Artificial Grass & Synthetic Turf FAQ webpage

Is artificial grass good for dogs?
YES! In fact many homeowners prefer turf over natural grass. Pet urine will not harm or cause dead spots on turf like natural grass. It can withstand pets, heavy traffic, and any weather.

How much maintenance is needed with synthetic grass?
Very little to no maintenance is needed. It is advised to groom and rinse once in a while. Depending on how much your turf is used it should be cleaned accordingly. The more traffic areas should be cleaned and groomed more often. To correctly clean, your artificial grass, a bristled broom should be used to groom fibers. Power brooms work great too. By frequently maintaining your artificial grass it will prevent matting and last longer. The same principals go for concrete pavers or stones.

How does Artificial Turf Drain?
Artificial turf drains just like natural grass. Our artificial grass or as some people call it, "synthetic turf" will drain 26 in. of rain per hour.

Are synthetic turf installers licensed contractors?
Yes, the Contractors State License Board states that a C-27 license or C-61/D12 license is required to install artificial grass. Of course, any "B General" contractor can hire an experienced team to do the job as well.  Our contractors license is #1022523.

What synthetic grass is right for my project?
Every installation is different, when meeting with a design consultant we determine what Forever green Artificial Turf product will work best depending on what you are looking for.

Is your artificial turf safe?
Yes, all of our synthetic grass contain no lead or hazardous waste.

How different are all artificial grass companies?
Every company is different and they all carry different weights, backings, pile height, thatch, and face weight. Forever Green carries one of the best products and softest Artificial Turf on the market today. Let's not forget about our 25 year warranty.

Will artificial grass get hot?
Turf can get hot in temperatures over 80-90 Degrees in sunlight. All you have to do is water it down for a couple of minutes and you are good to go.