Look what our parent company did for this customer in Rialto California!

CONGRATULATIONS! - To this recent customer who just took advantage of installing a top quality "Goodman" residential HVAC system in their home to keep his family warn in the Winter time and Cool in the Summer time.

Its been getting hotter and hotter these days, so if your residential heating and Air Conditioning system is over (10) years old, its time to replace it because its not working properly.

This customer had their furnace in a small closet that had an air-flow plenum feed of only 3 Inches going to all of their vents, so in the Winter time, the family felt really cold and the furnace had to struggle to do its job.

QHI comes to the rescue and removes their old tired furnace, we turned their old furnace closet into a usable closet, now guests can hang their jackets up in this new space.

We then placed their new furnace in the Attic "where it belongs" and added a much larger air-flow plenum so they can get much more heat to each room in the Winter time.

We removed all of the old "Torn and inefficient" ducting throughout their home and replaced them with new top-of-the-line ducting system.

We then took the current Air Conditioning Compressor (HVAC) unit and placed it around the corner so it would not get into the way.

When QHI installs their new Concrete Patio with Redwood Patio Cover, we will add a Redwood planter box around the Compressor and turn that into a beautiful colorful planter box.

Last but not least, because they left us a great review on "Angies List" for a job well done, we gave our customer a $100 Visa Gift Card so that they can enjoy as well deserved family meal on us.

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