Its all in the warranty!

Not all warranties are created equal, we are proud to be the worlds first (25) Year, Iron Clad,  Artificial Turf Warranty!

We stand behind every product that is sell, install or design and or brings to the marketplace, we take pride in our workmanship and pass that to our customers in every installation we do.

You can print this warranty off our webpage here or get it from your sales representative at the time of sale, please date it and staple it to your original contractors contract and keep it in a safe place.  We don't ever think you will need it, but its always good to have just in case.

We're not going to "Prorate" our warranty because we know that our product is superior over the rest, companies that prorate their product are unsure of its quality and workmanship.

Our warranty is fully transferable to the next homeowner as long as the new homeowner registers with our company for a site inspection within (10) business days of the new purchase. 

Thank you for being our customer!

Click here - To download and print our (25) year warranty.